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Basrah MRCOG march 2014 course and exams

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Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Iraqi Liaison Group, U.K and College of Medicine,Basrah,Iraq

MRCOG Part 1 and 2


Pre-examination courses

28th Feb and 1st March Part 2

2nd March Part 1

• Complete revision

• Group discussion

• One to one examination technique

• Mock mini examination


Venue Basrah Medical College


[email protected] [email protected]




Basrah endoscopy workshop/Nov 2013

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Endoscopic Surgery in Gynaecology

Endometrial Ablation and Resection Workshop

Basrah University, Basrah Medical College.Basrah, Iraq

6-7 November 2013


Day one


8 am intrauterine adhesions Rahim Haloob

Resection of uterine septum

8.30 am Radiofrequency ablation and other 3rd generation Rahim Haloob

9.30am TCRE, TCRF, Endometrial Ablation (Roller Ball) Ali Nakash



Group A Attending Theatre, Faculty in Theatre Rahim Haloob and Ali Nakash


10 am Theatre

*Roller Ball Endemetrial Ablation



12 pm Theatre

*Radiofrequency Thermal Ablation of Endometrium

1PM *Division of uterine septum

*Adhesionolysis of Intrauterine Synechae




Day 2, 7th November 20143


Group B attending Theatre


8am Roller ball Ablation

9am Transcervical resection of Endometrium and SMF

10am radiofrequency Novasure Thermal Ablation of Endometrium


12 PM

*Division of the uterine septum

*Adhesionolysis of intrauterine synechea

3.00pm End of the Workshop


Organiser Local contact


A Rahim Haloob, FRCOG, FFFP Assist Prof Ali Al Assadi

Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Basrah Medical College

Basildon University Hospital UK [email protected]


Basrah Osce course/Nov 2013/Ad

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MRCOG Part 2 OSCE Preparation Course, Basrah, IRAQ 3rd – 5th November 2013

Complete revision of examination material and up to date examination techniques

One to one and Group teaching

Full Mock examination and one to one assessment targeting the weak candidates


Venue; Basrah Medical College


For Booking; please contact Assist. Prof. Ali Al Assadi

[email protected]


For Further Information Contact ; [email protected], Chair of RCOG-ILG



Basrah Osce course/Nov 2013

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MRCOG Part 2 Preparation Course, Basrah , IRAQ 3rd – 5th November 2013

Complete revision of OSCE examination material and up to date examination techniques

One to one and Group teaching

Full Mock examination and one to one assessment targeting the weak candidates

Day one

8.oo International Doctors Training Scheme Rahim Haloob

8.30 OSCE station Dissection Rahim Haloob

9.30 Counselling Station Ali Nakash

10.30 CTG Station Rahim Haloob

10.45 Break

11.30 Case review Station Ali Nakash

12.30 Introducing guideline station Rahim Haloob

Day Two

8.00 am 6 live stations and one preparation station Rahim Haloob/Ali Nakash

Day Three

8.00 6 live stations and one preparation station Rahim Haloob/AliNakash


For Further Information Contact ; [email protected], Chair of RCOG-ILG


Baghdad/Basra march 2013 visit/MRCOG EXAM

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Feedback from the MRCOG part 1and 2 Baghdad, Iraq Centre on 4th and 5th March 2013


Mr Rahim Haloob

London Based MRCOG Invigilator for Baghdad – Iraq Centre

Dear Michael

Thank you for asking me to Invigilate the Baghdad Centre this year, and as I am the incumbent ILG Chairman I have asked two members of the ILG to join me to help with Pre-examination courses and workshop which was organised and hosted by Medical City in Baghdad and Iraqi Faculty of Science and to conduct some clinical activities i.e. consultation for special and difficult cases, performing some operations and various teaching activities.

Mr Ali Nakash, obstetrician and Gynaecologist and ILG Secretary

Miss Nada Hameed, Senior Registrar in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Have joined me to Baghdad

We arrived on 28/02/2013 at Baghdad International Airport via Cairo and were greeted by a representative from the Ministry of Higher Education, Iraq and were escorted to the Ishtar International Hotel.

Mr Nawfal Azzo on behalf of Prof. Khunda has kindly arranged our accommodation and local transportation.

Free Pre Examination Courses

These are offered to all Gynaecologists free of charge by Iraqi Health Ministry and Iraqi ministry of Higher Education.

We started our program on 01/03/2013 with 10 Doctors taking part 1 this time and others who expressed their interest of taking it next year. I have giving them an account of application to part two and explain the process and the changes in the format of the exam ( SBA replacing EMQs) followed by Mock examination to check on their requirement for teaching followed by teaching material to cover the main aspects of the examination.

On 2rd and 3th March 2013 we met with 12 doctors some taking the exam this year and some preparing to take it in the next year.

My colleagues and I have giving them introduction to the part 2 examination and the rest of the course concentrating on teaching material involving MCQs, EMQs and SQAs and conducted Mock examination

These two activities were organised by Ministry of Health, Medical City and we are grateful to Director of The Medical City, Baghdad, for their kind help in funding and accommodating the courses and provide me with Seminar room and examination centre.

However we pointed out that the facilities this year were below standard and there was problem with communications between the official at the Medical City and candidates especially about the timing and location of the preexamination course hence the low attendance. We noticed that there is lack of communication at a higher level leaving people on the shop floor to sort it out on the day.

During these days, we also helped with

1- Performing number of Obstetrics and Gynaecological procedures using some instruments which have been brought from UK, such as TOT kits and Laparoscopic instruments

2- Giving opinion on interesting gynaecological cases

Part1 and 2 Exams

On 4th March 2013 we started the part 1 exam in a lecture Theatre allocated by the Medical City to us, unfortunately lacking rest and catering facilities for candidates.

The exam was invigilated in addition to me by;

Professor Sarmad Khunda

Professor AZN Elshirifi

Mr Ali Nakash

Miss Nada Hameed

21 Candidates attended and three absentees and was smooth uninterrupted run in a very relaxed atmosphere for the candidates and the Invigilators.

On 5th March 2013 part two examination started in the same lecture Theatre and 10 candidates were attended.

Hysteroscopy Workshop at Yarmouk University Hospital

This is a half days course organised By Professor A Z El Shairifi at the Yarmouk University Hospital and was well attended by 30 Senior and Junior Gynaecologists in addition to Iraqi and Arab Board Students

It was dedicated for lectures to cover practical aspects of Operative Hysteroscopy followed by live demonstration of Hysteroscopic adhesionolysis of intrauterine adhesion (severe Asherman’s Syndrome). We utilised local instruments and instruments brought from Uk.

Hysteroscopic Workshop at Basrah Medical College

Two days workshop 6th and 7th March 2013

On 6th March 2013 I and Mr Ali Nakash travelled to Southern City of Basrah to start early to start the workshop which was attended by 28 Gynaecologists from southern provinces and was hosted by Basrah University.

First day was 5 lectures to cover hysteroscopic equipment and basic and advances in operative hysteroscopy

The second day was hands on operative and teaching sessions during this long session 10 patients were operated on in two theatres. One theatre for basic diagnostic hysteroscopy and second on advance operative hysteroscopy



Hysteroscopic adhesionolysis

This workshop was well organised both in planning and choosing venues and providing audiovisual equipment and I am grateful to Assist. Professor Ali Al Assadi and his colleagues at the Basrah Maternity University Hospital, for their dedication and hospitality.

Our Stay in Basrah was hosted by Professor Thamer Hamdan President of the Basrah University Who personally looked after our stay and Hospitality, I am grateful to his kind and excellent hospitality and making sure that the workshop was well planned and for Assist Prof Ali Al Assadi for arranging our travel from and to Baghdad

We then travelled back to Baghdad by air

On the 09th March I have left Baghdad International Airport heading back to London Via Cairo


My sincere thanks to Professor Khunda for his hard work, while he was committed to other duties outside the country and to his deputy Mr Nawfal Azzo for his hard work despite many local obstacles

I am also grateful to Dr Haider Al Shammaa for his care and attendance.

I am grateful to Professor Elshirifi , the chairman of the Iraqi representative Committee, for his help and for his excellent organisation of the Hysteroscopic Workshop at the Yarmouk University Hospital.

I am grateful to my two ILG colleagues Mr Ali Nakash and Miss Nada Hameed for their dedication and hard work during preexamination courses and the membership examinations


1- Giving the fact that the number of candidates attending part 1 and 2 at Baghdad Centre have increased , I urge the College to find a suitable mechanism to ensure that candidates who managed to pass the written examination, will be granted visas as soon as possible to come to UK for short Clinical attachments which will be arranged by members of ILG to prepare candidates for the OSCE

2- The ILG will work with future candidates via the newly created website to expand their knowledge through continuous discussion and contact in order to improve the pass rate for both part 1 and 2.

3- In order to improve communications with the candidates for part one and two, I would like the college to provide me with emails of the candidates in order to organise the pre-examination courses effectively and improve the communication, from central point, concerning the logistics and location of the courses and the venue of the examinations.



A. Rahim Haloob,FRCOG

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Basildon University Hospital,UK









Mr Khunda/Mr Sadoon Erbil visit march 2013

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ISOG conference

Erbil 20-21/03/2013

The Iraqi Society of Obstetrics & Gynaecology held its annual conference in Erbil this year at Rotana Hotel. The organising committee headed by Dr Ali Alhussaini kindly invited Mr Aethele Khunda (ILG vice chair) and Mr Sadoon Sadoon (ILG member) to participate in the conference. The conference consisted of two sessions; the first session on 20/03/2013 was chaired by Dr Amal Fattoohi (President of the ISOG). Mr Aethele Khunda delivered a talk on recent advances in prolapse management concentrating on surgical procedures such as laparoscopic sacrohysteropexy. Mr Sadoon Sadoon delivered a well received talk on complications of laparoscopic surgery and how to avoid them. Other international speakers included Mr Marwan Al-Halabi from Syria who lectured on Adenomyosis and on Stem Cells Collection and Banking. The conference dinner was a great opportunity to socialise and exchange ideas. The second session on 21/03/2013 was also chaired by Dr Amal Fattohi. Mr Sadoon Sadoon’s second talk was on laparoscopic hysterectomy. In addition to the informative video clips, Mr Sadoon made the case for laparoscopic surgery as opposed to abdominal surgery and shared data from his large personal series of laparoscopic hysterectomies. Mr Aethele Khunda’s second talk was on recent advances in continence care. It focused on dealing with complications of midurethral tapes and on neuromodulation. Mr Sadoon, Mr Khunda and Mr Al-Halabi were then asked to lead a panel discussion on placenta accreta, a growing problem in Iraq due to the rising caesarean section rate. Iraqi speakers included Prof Sarmed Khunda (Vaginal Bleeding in children), Dr Taghreed Alhaidari (mobile antenatal care) and Dr Ali Alhussaini (Human Embryonic Stem Cells) The event was well attended by Iraqi specialist from all over the country and was sponsored by Liptis Pharmaceuticals. The activities of the ILG were discussed and its profile was raised in order to strengthen channels of communication between the ILG and Iraqi colleagues. Mr Khunda and Mr Sadoon enjoyed the event and are grateful to the organising committee and to Liptis pharmaceuticals for this opportunity.


Mr Khunda Baghdad visit 4- 9 Dec 2012

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Mr Aethele Khunda went to Baghdad as a part of ICILG sponsoured meeting and representing the ILG and organised three day urogynae workshope in Baghdad Medical city .During this he carried out both opertating and clinical sessions on number of iraqi patients in addition to giving one lecture on urogynaecology  in Al-mansoor Melia Hotel.

Mr Zakaria Part 2 OSCE 2012

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On behalf of the RCOG/ILG and in association with the Iraqi International Medical Association based in Sharjah, UAE, Mr Zakaia was able to organise and deliver two MRCOG Part 2 Revision courses in Sharjah, UAE.

The first course consisted of two back to back courses running for a whole day each and was held on the 7th and 8th April 2012. The course was a replicate of the Royal Free Hospital MRCOG Part 2 revision course and was run under the auspices of Miss Susan Tuck FRCOG and Myself. Each course simulated the MRCOG part 2 OSCE Examination circuits. The format consisted of setting out three examination circuit consisting of ten stations in each circuit.

Third similar course would be organised in April 2013  25- 27.Flyer would be out soon.


Infertility workshop in Baghdad 2012

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Infertility and Embryology Workshop

Baghdad, IRAQ, Nov 3th to 9th 2012 (Two courses)


Session one (Ishtar Sheratoon, Baghdad)

8:00 Am Registration and Refreshments

8:30 Am Understanding folliculogenesis

9:00 Am Natural Fertilisation and early embryo growth

9:45 Am Induction of ovulation choosing protocol, case workshop

11:00 Am Laboratory preparation

11:45 Documentation, Minimal requirement

12:30 Ultrasound monitoring


Session two (AlAmal IVF center, Baghdad)

14:30 Egg Collection




Session one (Ishtar Sheratoon, Baghdad)

8:30 Am Management of infertile couple

9:00 Am Semen analysis and 24 hours survival test

9:45 Am poor responders, why and what to do ?

10 :45 sperm preparation for IUI/IVF

11:15 Intrauterine insenination

11:45 Egg Collection procedure, complications and how to achieve save collection

12:45 Insemination for IVF/ICSI

1.30 am LUNCH


Session two (AlAmal IVF center, Baghdad)

13.30 Embryo transfer practical Session




Session one (Ishtar Sheratoon, Baghdad)

8am Assessing the egg and Grading of Embryo and

830 Media and Insemination and Fertilisation check

9.0 Infertility Case workshop

10.0 Vetrification and Freezing

10.30 Laboratory room condition and audits

11.30 Record keeping

12.30 LUNCH


Session two (AlAmal IVF center, Baghdad)

13.30 Egg Collections










1- Course start at 8:30

2- I would to add cervical hostility & IUI

3- I would like to Testing ovarian reserve

4- Each course will be 10 participants, so all over 2 courses will be 20

5- I will take 2000$ from each

6- I would like you to bring participant certificate from London with logo of your IVF centre & AlAmal IVF logo

7- Coast science company would like to do Skype alive with professor from US, about MFS, Total fertility PCO,& total fertility tab



















IVF workshop in Baghdad Nov 2012

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IVF and Embryo Transfer workshop


3 day course; 4th, 5th & 6th November 2011

Day 1

Safety and anatomy of the pelvis

Meeting the Stag

Entry Techniques and Complication of MAS

Effective use of of electro surgical energy

Management of adnexal mass

Practice session

Day 2

Live surgical demonstration of laparoscopic procedures

Endometriosis; Management of Mild to Moderate cases

Treatment of severe disease


Live surgery of urinary incontinence

Live Hysteroscopic procedures

Fibroid, what to do with them


Course Organiser

Mr. Rahim Haloob

Consultant Obstetrician and gynaecologist

Basildon university hospital

United Kingdom

Email; [email protected]

For an application form, contact:

Professor F. Al Dahan

Dept of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Basrah, IRAQ,PO Box 56

[email protected] and [email protected]

Tel; 9647800253097