Iraq Liaison Group / RCOG


Five UK based Iraqi Gynaecologists  sat  together  about 10 years ago  .They were trying to find ways  to help our fellow Gynanaecologist back home in Iraq and to establish non political link with them during the time of upheaval when Iraq was in war for more than 15 years.

After few months of negotiation we decided to meet at the Royal society of Medicine in London and Write a letter to president of Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists to establish the ILG group to build bridges between RCOG and the gynaecologists in Iraq.


The five  consultants are:

Mr Muhannad Zakaria (second left)

Mr Ali Kuba(second right)

Mr Talha alshawaf(first right)

Mr Nazar Amso(first left)

Mr  Rahim Haloob  (Current chairman)


We elected the first Chairman of the group Mr Ali Kuba who worked very hard with other members of the ILG to establish good position at the RCOG.

The first year was a learning year, we wanted to know more  about ourselves and how we may contribute to improve women and Children Health through direct and indirect education and up garding of the knowledge of our fellow Gynaecologists and Midwives


The first meeting with the RCOG officials was well attended by UK based gynaecologists and the Dean of Basrah Medical School and other doctors from Iraq.


The big undertaking when in 2004 ILG members A Rahim Haloob and Muhannad Zakaria Joined the MOET team under the direction from the RCOG to hold the first MOET at British army Camp in shaibah in Basrah,Iraq. The courses were well attended by Gynaecologists,Miwives, paediatricians and anaesthetists.


The year after second MOET course was organised . Muhannad zakaria and Rahim Haloob joined the team and was well attended and this time Gynaecologists from Basrah contributed to the training of their fellow gynaecologists. 


We worked very hard as a group to restore MRCOG part 1 and 2 . We decided that giving the security issue in Iraq at that time, northern Iraq was the right place and Erbil  in Kurdistan Iraq was the place to establish the examination and to organise the first international Conference in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Erbil.

The first Exam and the conference was a success,  without the hard work and commitment of our Chairman Muhannd Zakaria we would not have achieved what we aimed to achieve. His dedication and good communication skills were second to none and during his chairmanship the membership increased dramatically.

We continue to work together and managed to convince the RCOG to establish part 1 and 2 MRCOG in Baghdad . Myself as overseas Invigilator and  joined by two members of ILG Aethele Khunda and Ali Nakash organised pre MRCOG exam courses for part 1 an2 in Medical City in Baghdad and Invigilate the MRCOG part1 and2 in March 2011.

New officers were elected in August 2011 and I was elected to be the New Chair of ILG and My Deputy Aethele Khunda and Ali Nakash kindly agreed to continue to be our indispensable secretary.

2011 witnessed more activities and more new members joined the ILG and anotherMRCOG part 2 courses were organised  in Nov 2011. Myself and Nada Sabir  worked day and night to make sure that the material for training was securitised for the 2 days course in Basrah Medical College with an excellent facilities in their new building . This was attended by 11 Candidates for part 2 MRCOG.

We also organised 3 days Workshop for laparoscopy and Minimal Access Surgery with live demonstrations . This was attended by 29 Gynaecologists.

We are now preparing ourselves to go to Baghdad in March 2012 for PreMRCOG part1 and2 courses followed by the Examination on 5th and 6th March to be held in the Medical City in Baghdad. This is to be followed by Laparoscopic workshop on 7th and 8th March at the Yarmouk Medical College.


Future Plans

We are working on:

1- Our website with the help of Ali Nakash and his daughter Ayia who managed to save ILG nearly £1000 by establishing the Website free of charge.

2-ILG Bank account which will be established soon

3-Working for the Iraqi day at the RCOG

4- And with our colleagues in Iraq working for the International conference in Baghdad during the next year subject to security factor.

5- We will be organising a social gathering for all ILG members and their families during this year

A thank you to...

I would like to thank all members of ILG for their dedication and contribution to the wellbeing of ILG, and for the past Chairmen for their hard work to make the ILG as it is today

My thanks go to Professor Sarmad Khunda for his unlimited support to the ILG and his contribution to make the MRCOG examination in Baghdad a reality

Many thanks to Professor Abdul Zahra El Sharifi the chairman of RCOG joint committee, for his dedication and his keen interest to take the process of upgrading and continuing education forward.

My special thanks to Professor Thamer Hamdan, the dean of Basrah Medical College for his support and encouragement to improve the practice of Obstetrics and Gynaecologist in his college. Also I would like thank Professor Foaud ADahan and his colleague’s gynaecologists, at the department of O&G at the Basrah Medical College